Cori Ellingson

Remembering the Truth of Who We Are

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Cori shines a light of unity to help us move beyond the illusion of separation and reclaim our power. As she travels in the world, her acceptance of life just as it is anchors deep trust. Loving kindness and open-hearted listening are two of her offerings, while laughter and lightness are healing medicines she sprinkles into everyday interactions.

Cori radiates with gratitude for the gift of vibrant health. Her love of the Divine and all life is woven through the words in her writing. Joy and tenderness can be deeply experienced in the essence of her songs. Her spirit drum is a traveling companion played daily for pleasure, during healing work and while leading group songs in circles, events and ceremonies.

By standing in her truth, she inspires others to unlock and claim their brilliance, stand in their power and courageously share their genius. With this courage to share who we really are and support each other to live at our zenith, we open to magic, miracles and a world of possibilities where all can thrive.

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