A Cacao Journey with Cori Ellinson
“The Food of the Gods” – a Gift of Nature

Join us on Saturday, February 2nd at Raven’s Ridge,
Harry Kuebler’s Sanctuary in the Highlands
This sacred heart-opening plant medicine connects us with our inner wisdom
while opening our connection to nature and all life. 
In this ceremony, we are allowing more time to receive our gifts from Cacao. 
The journey to deeper possibilities this medicine offers cannot be rushed. 
Our journey will include:
a mug of ceremonial Cacao elixir
speaking/sharing circles
drumming and chanting
drum journey
and more…
Saturday, February 2nd (halfway between Solstice and Equinox)
1 to 6 pm
Raven’s Ridge, near Victoria
592 Michael Road, off Davies
$88 (must be pre-paid at time of registration)
To Register, please contact Cori at cori_ellingson@hotmail.com
Payment can be made via PayPal or E-transfer 

Directions to Harry’s and full details for the afternoon will be sent to you just prior to February 2nd

Cori Ellingson is a ceremonialist with a five-year connection to the sacred plant of Cacao. While traveling and offering ceremonies through Mexico, Guatamala, and Costa Rica, she has connected with the plant in all stages of its life – from beans in freshly-picked pods to seedlings to full-grown trees. It is her great pleasure to share her love for this deep-healing, gentle, and transformative plant medicine.
Cori will be sharing sacred Cacao from Guatamala – Keith’s Cacao. Keith is the original Cacao shaman who played an integral role in the early beginnings of the now-flourishing Cacao movement. Keith’s Cacao is ethically-sourced and employs local Mayan men and women in the process. 

A Mayan message is that when humanity is in trouble and disconnected from nature, Cacao comes from the rainforest to help. 

For more info, watch Cori’s Cacao Ceremony video 



“I inspire and mentor women to choose vibrant health,
say yes to their dreams and create a joyful life worth living.”

– Cori Ellingson