Lose The Wait – Part One

Lose the wait? Have you been waiting for the right time to step into a life you’ve secretly dreamed of? We all have dreams. If you wait, or hold back, life offers challenges to move you forward.

Waiting blocks the flow of life. A challenge is re-direction. It shows up as dis-ease, weight gain or an unfortunate incident (commonly called an accident such as a car crash or an injury). Profound messages hide in seemingly random events. Over and over, each incident happens perfectly to get us on track.

I secretly dreamed of seeing the world and becoming an inspirational speaker. It seemed impossible. In my teens, several of us talked about travel to Europe or throughout the continent in a VW bus. Our dreams were amazing, inspiring and perfect for the late 60s. But they were too far out of the box and one by one, we all found boyfriends and got engagement rings. Did I really want to get married at nineteen? We considered just driving away and traveling as a couple in the southern USA in the winter. A pretty unacceptable idea in our little town. Our getaway van was not to be. What a dilemma!

Our imagined getaway van!!

So a wedding date was set. Pressure to adhere to the status quo is strong and subtle. Settling into life with a husband was big enough but years later moving to a farm with a new baby was monumental. I did not know I was in charge, creating my life with each decision and that I could choose differently. I felt powerless, like a victim, in the face of fate. Many years I waited, restless and unable to identify what was happening. I was grateful for trips to Mexico, Jamaica and China as well as many within the USA and Canada. When did I tuck my dreams away? Trying to forget them was painful. But they never disappeared.

My passion to learn and grow remained strong. Enrolling in college classes, joining Toastmasters to become a better speaker and becoming a fitness leader fueled the fire in me. We had many years of wonderful experiences on the farm, raising our three children, horses and working in the fields together. Over the years our relationship got more strained and I finally set off on my own as a single mom for ten years.

The year my youngest son was graduating from high school, my dreams re- emerged. Now it was time for me. My dreams freshly inspired and energized me and I planned to complete a course to teach English overseas. At the same time, I began to date a new man. My mistake was including him in my dream. We both took the training, applied for jobs and were hired as English teachers in China. As we made plans to book flights and leave Canada for a year, he backed out. My inner knowing encouraged me to go alone, but I didn’t.

We stayed together and had amazing spiritual experiences including the creation of our own drums and a medicine bundle. After we got married, things began unravelling. By 2011, I was healthy on the surface, pretending my life and marriage were working, but it was a lie.

My Spirit Drum

I had chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, TMJ, incontinence, severe irritable bowel symptoms and carried 20 excess pounds around my middle. Was it an acceptable part of aging? I finally got inspired to try supporting my body to heal itself. What a revelation that every symptom mentioned here, except TMJ was resolved by choosing to understand the messages and take action. A big part of my healing was applying the wisdom in “Water of Life,” by JW Armstrong. That year I began to fast on my own urine and water. Details are in my book, “Fasting on Golden Elixir.”

My e-book

Six years ago, I was waiting. Waiting for a miracle. We both knew our marriage was over. Anyone at the end of a long-term relationship will recognize that place. It was so scary to stop waiting and take a step. I was fearful about supporting myself financially – a terrible reason to stay.

His return to old habits like eating sugary junk and other unhealthy foods was unacceptable. Clean eating over 11 years turned most of his conditions around, including diabetes and high blood pressure. It got so obvious that I was forced, through the insight of friends who loved me, to get honest. Fear of criticism kept me in limbo but this fork in the road helped me see our different paths.

I always felt a strong karmic connection brought and kept us together. I finally got help to complete my part of our contract. A short time later a vision came, showing me as his caregiver when his return to unhealthy habits created serious illness. I was about to give up my dreams again.

Self-Love Wins

The signs flowed in. I called them breadcrumbs. The Divine had been dropping them in front of me for years but fear stopped me from seeing. Some obvious ones were: the keys to our new apartment would not stay on my keychain and dropped in the bottom of my purse; there was no space in the bike parking area for my bike which was my favourite mode of transportation; I had no TV for twenty years and his huge new one filled a whole wall, along with a full cable package.

I finally got the courage to tell him I was leaving. He was downloading CDs onto his computer. I opened my mouth to speak and out blasted: “well since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell.” Oh my gosh, the Divine is supporting this. I stood in shock for a moment and opened my mouth to speak. Once again, Elvis blasted out his song. The second time I said, “well I am leaving you.” Within two weeks I was heading west alone…

To be continued

Liver Cleanse

I am re-posting this blog. One of my friends died after gall bladder surgery due to complications, and since the stones are all related (it is believed that the stones are created from toxins in the liver and they spill over into the gall bladder) we can do amazing work to heal ourselves.

Before Cleanse

Mid June of 2013, I began my first of a series of three liver cleanses. I used a kit that I ordered online. I had been aware that my liver was not happy since 1999. I saw “liver spots” popping up on my cheeks and forearms even before that. But once we returned from our trip to Asia, I had an even bigger spot appear on my cheek. Red Flag!! Some medical people call them age spots and say there is nothing we can do about them. I have never believed that and have completed liver cleanses before but none reaped such great rewards with such ease as the one I started in June.

It is a 6-day program and the first 4 days can be completed while doing regular duties at home or work as long as there is easy access to a bathroom. Days 5 and especially 6, it is recommended to stay close to home. Being quite healthy with no surgeries or diagnosed with any illnesses, I wondered how much was accumulated in my liver. On day 6 I decided to put a cheap colander over the toilet so I could see what was eliminated and it was shocking. So shocking I took pictures and began to want to share it with my friends and family. If a healthy person like me had so many, what about those who have had health challenges???

There were more than 160 large stones and hundreds of small ones that were too small to count.

I have utilized the principle of Prevention most of my life. In fact, 42 years ago, my Mom was scheduled to have her gallbladder removed and checked out a tiny health store in our town to see if there were any other options. Voila!! Not the exact cleanse I did but she definitely used the oil and lemon and she later cancelled the surgery. Never heard her complain about gallbladder pain again. That was my family’s start along a healthier way and during the 70s my family owned 5 health stores in Vancouver, BC and area.

My first cleanse released hundreds of tiny stones like mung beans and also quite a few the size of a garbanzo bean. Needless to say, I am feeling fantastic!! I cut one stone in half to see what it looked like inside and took a picture with a Canadian penny to show the size.

See the pictures below.


My second and third cleanses also reaped so many stones. The stones from the second cleanse were even larger than the first time. The extra bonus was elimination of a liver fluke at the same time. There may have been more, but I only caught two bowel movements so I will never know. There was a huge shift after the second cleanse. Cravings I previously had for bread and sweets and other unhealthy foods just disappeared. I began to truly want to eat more healthy than I ever had.

After cleanse number three, I felt on top of the world and was completely inspired to take my health and well being to a whole new level. I joined the company as an affiliate so I get a small amount of money if you are inspired to order and use the link below. Dr Group created these amazing detoxes for liver, bowel, kidneys, parasites, and heavy metals. I have tried other cleanses without the Livatrex and Oxy Powder and they also seemed to work. But there is no comparison to the effectiveness of the process Dr Group has created. I completed six cleanses over a period of three years.

Here is the link

Blessing of Stinging Nettle

Nettle is known to: stabilize blood sugar, reset metabolic circuits to normalize weight, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, restore adrenal potency, lessen allergic and menopausal problems, and eliminate many chronic diseases.

I gathered, dried, and drank this simple, inexpensive, and widely available herb daily for two years and I still love to drink it as often as I can. It is not so easy to find in tropical places.

An infusion is the most powerful process to use for major healing. It is made by placing one cup of dried leaves in a quart jar, fill with boiling water, cover and steep for four to ten hours. I usually brew overnight. Drink one to four cups daily. Refrigerate after steeping but only for two days. Nettle does so much for so little. People I know have also had good results using much less of the dried leaves. My cost when I buy a pound is $30.00 CDN which works out to $1.00 a day.

A well-known herbalist who advocates nettle was close to needing dialysis; using the infusion daily, her kidneys were completely rebuilt. Nettle also extends and rebuilds the strand in our DNA called telomeres, which is responsible for longevity.

It is the herb for restoring kidney health; decreasing inflammation; restoring elasticity and tone to veins; helping keep blood pressure in a healthy range; strengthening individual energy and immunity.

Nettle is loaded with bioavailable nutrients that restore health to every cell of the body. It contains all vitamins, except B12, and all minerals needed by the body. It tones and strengthens the kidneys, adrenals, lungs, intestines, arteries, liver, and circulatory system. Nettle’s bioavailable iron enriches blood and counters tiredness. Hair and skin are the first to benefit. Energetic, hormonal and magnetic fields are restored to vibrant health with regular use of nettle infusion.

Nettle makes delicious soups, pesto or simply steamed as a green vegetable. I also put it in my smoothie, which might not be tolerated by everyone. My blender completely emulsifies the sharp spots. I was also told that the seeds that hang like little silvery grapes are loaded with nutrients and protein. A friend said she goes out and eats a few when she is hungry. I tried it and it worked for me. You just carefully pick or cut them off the plant without touching any of the leaves, always respectfully asking permission first, before any harvest of any plant.

Enjoy this fun you tube made by my friend Marion Pape.