Blessing of Stinging Nettle

Nettle is known to: stabilize blood sugar, reset metabolic circuits to normalize weight, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, restore adrenal potency, lessen allergic and menopausal problems, and eliminate many chronic diseases.

I gathered, dried, and drank this simple, inexpensive, and widely available herb daily for two years and I still love to drink it as often as I can. It is not so easy to find in tropical places.

An infusion is the most powerful process to use for major healing. It is made by placing one cup of dried leaves in a quart jar, fill with boiling water, cover and steep for four to ten hours. I usually brew overnight. Drink one to four cups daily. Refrigerate after steeping but only for two days. Nettle does so much for so little. People I know have also had good results using much less of the dried leaves. My cost when I buy a pound is $30.00 CDN which works out to $1.00 a day.

A well-known herbalist who advocates nettle was close to needing dialysis; using the infusion daily, her kidneys were completely rebuilt. Nettle also extends and rebuilds the strand in our DNA called telomeres, which is responsible for longevity.

It is the herb for restoring kidney health; decreasing inflammation; restoring elasticity and tone to veins; helping keep blood pressure in a healthy range; strengthening individual energy and immunity.

Nettle is loaded with bioavailable nutrients that restore health to every cell of the body. It contains all vitamins, except B12, and all minerals needed by the body. It tones and strengthens the kidneys, adrenals, lungs, intestines, arteries, liver, and circulatory system. Nettle’s bioavailable iron enriches blood and counters tiredness. Hair and skin are the first to benefit. Energetic, hormonal and magnetic fields are restored to vibrant health with regular use of nettle infusion.

Nettle makes delicious soups, pesto or simply steamed as a green vegetable. I also put it in my smoothie, which might not be tolerated by everyone. My blender completely emulsifies the sharp spots. I was also told that the seeds that hang like little silvery grapes are loaded with nutrients and protein. A friend said she goes out and eats a few when she is hungry. I tried it and it worked for me. You just carefully pick or cut them off the plant without touching any of the leaves, always respectfully asking permission first, before any harvest of any plant.

Enjoy this fun you tube made by my friend Marion Pape.